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Quadratic Functions Basics: How to Solve Problems and Graph

Secondary Math

In mathematics, we learn about quadratic functions. It is a quadratic function with a graph of squares, and the graph has a curve. In mathematics involving graphs, we first learn direct proportionality. A graph that makes an application of proportional is a linear function. Further development of linear functions is quadratic functions. Linear and quadratic […]

Quadratic Equations: Square Root, Factorization, and Quadratic Formula

Secondary Math

An area that must be learned in mathematics is quadratic equations. Compared to linear equations, quadratic equations are more complex to calculate. In quadratic equations, there are multiple ways to answer the question. Square roots, factorization, and quadratic formulas are the most common ways to solve quadratic equations. When solving a quadratic equation, we must […]

Rationalizing the Denominator: How to Eliminate the Square Root

Secondary Math

Fractions are frequently used in square root calculations. In the calculation of fractions, the denominator may contain the root symbol. In that case, if the root sign is still in the denominator, the answer is wrong. When calculating the square root, if the denominator contains the radical symbol, it should be removed. This process is […]

Multiply and Divide Square Root: How to Do Prime Factorization

Secondary Math

In the square root, we learn multiplication and division. Typically, in mathematics, we learn addition and subtraction first. But for square roots, multiplication and division are easier. We can just multiply the numbers in the root symbol. However, there are rules for multiplication of square roots. And few people understand why it is okay to […]

Direct and Inverse Proportion: Coordinates and Equation of the Graph

Secondary Math

An important concept in mathematics is that of direct proportion and inverse proportion. We frequently use the words direct proportion and inversely proportional in our daily lives. Direct proportion and inversely proportional are familiar to us and are concepts that everyone uses. The concept of direct proportionality and inversely proportionality are used in many situations. […]

Linear Equations: Transposition and Tips for Solving Word Problems

Secondary Math

Math calculations frequently involve the use of letters instead of numbers. By using algebraic expressions, we can easily solve math problems. One of the most important areas of algebraic expressions is linear equations. Linear equations are frequently used in daily life calculations and are the basis of mathematics. Even if there is a number that […]

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