Adding and Subtracting Decimals: How to Calculate in Arithmetic

Elementary Math

In elementary school arithmetic, students learn how to calculate decimals, including numbers smaller than one. We use decimals frequently in our daily lives. First, let’s understand what decimals are. By learning how decimals work, we can understand when to use them. Also, we need to be able to add and subtract decimals. Addition and subtraction […]

Division and Remainders: Long Division in Elementary Math

Elementary Math

After learning multiplication, we will study integer division in elementary school arithmetic. 1, 2, 3, etc., are integers, and we use these numbers to do calculations. The meaning of division is the same as multiplication. In other words, if you can’t do multiplication, you can’t do division. Understand that division is an advanced problem of […]

Addition and Subtraction: Arithmetic of Carrying and Borrowing

Elementary Math

In elementary school mathematics, students learn addition and subtraction. When studying addition and subtraction, a difficult calculation is carrying. They don’t know how to do the calculations. Similarly, in subtraction, many elementary school students have difficulty understanding the calculation of borrowing. When adding or subtracting integers, an important number is 10. By finding the number […]

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